This part hit me especially hard:

But I recognize the sentiment expressed in the postcard — the ever-present possibility that you’ll un-self-consciously mention something from your childhood and be met with gleefully horrified looks and giggles, and not know what’s so funny about shrugging and off-handedly saying, “I don’t know if I really need to see a movie about it, I’ve watched my relatives do it tons of times” when someone suggests watching the documentary Okie Noodling. It’s an extra little mental effort you have to expend as you navigate social encounters, trying to imagine whether something as small as honestly answering a simple question like what was your favorite food when you were a kid might open you up to ridicule. It’s not really the laughing itself, which is often good-natured and comes from people who do honestly like you, that’s so bothersome; it’s the realization that you still don’t know the cultural rules, and thus can’t necessarily protect yourself from being laughed at even if you wanted to — or in my mom’s case, that you don’t know what it is you’re doing that makes you a redneck in other people’s eyes.

Some of this is why I refuse to give a shit in informal situations like tumblr. I write precisely what’s in my head, even if it starts with a y’all and calls everyone Children and cusses a lot. Welcome to my brain, y’all; we serve Dr Pepper and Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese. This is one of precious few spaces where I don’t have to be conscious of sounding like everyone else’s construction of an intelligent person - so I don’t. And you kinda can’t make me.

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    yeah, being Autistic (and rural) totally does add multipliers to this cultural class divide. Interestingly, the anecdote...
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    Perhaps this is just my experience, but I feel the financial strain of my childhood most clearly with regard to food....
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    Actually, for me it’s the laughter too, which brings back all the times that it was not good-natured at all—outright...
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    I worry about this all the time with husband’s family vs. my own.
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    This whole article is spot on and describes a lot of the microaggressions faced by lower income people in primarily...
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    I have recently experienced a very similar situation. My mother was promoted to a Unit Manager position after working as...
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    I’ve had a similar experience to this, except it was because of my nationality, not my social class. I have to watch...
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